Protection for your home and auto are just two of the basic needs that require insurance coverage. White & Associates handles all personal insurance, to include but not limited to: home, auto, mobile home, ATV, watercraft, secondary homes and personal umbrella policies. Our goal is to provide you with amazing service and superior coverage at a competitive price.

Being an independent insurance agency allows us to represent many different insurance companies to find the best fit for you. Some of the nationally known companies we represent include: Allstate, GuideOne, Hanover, MetLife, Progressive, Safeco and Travelers. We also represent several regional companies including: Haulers Insurance Company, Farmers Mutual of Tennessee, National Security, Foremost and National Lloyds to name a few.

What do I do if I have had an auto accident?

  1. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT - this could affect your insurance coverage.
  2. Notify the police
  3. Get driver information from other driver:
        • Name
        • Driver's license number
        • Address
        • Phone number
  4. Get insurance information on other car (should be with vehicle):
        • Named insured (policy holder)
        • Insurance carrier
        • Policy Number
        • Agent Phone Number
  5. Take appropriate steps to prevent further loss and keep ALL receipts if this action is taken. Have your car taken to a dealership or auto body repair shop for estimates. Remove personal belongings from the car.
  6. If possible, take pictures.

What do I do if I have a homeowners claim?

  1. Take all steps to prevent further loss, i.e. call a roofing company to patch your roof, board up broken windows, call a plumber to fix broken pipes, protect undamaged property - KEEP ALL RECEIPTS!
  2. If there is a serious injury or death, call the insurance carrier 24-hour claim number if it is after hours. Be sure to notify White & Associates immediately!
  3. If possible, take pictures.

Should I purchase an umbrella liability policy?

An umbrella policy provides extra protection above your standard homeowners or automobile policy. If you are ever sued, your standard homeowners or auto policy will provide you with some liability coverage, paying for judgements against you and your attorney's fees, up to a limit set in the policy. For a minimal amount of sometimes $150 - $300, you could have protection up to 1 million dollars more!
Because the personal umbrella policy takes effect after the underlying coverage is exhausted, usually higher policy limits are required.